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Find out about our next training courses, in Singapore. We are running ISO 9001 Quality Management training, ISO 14001 Environmental Management training, ISO 27001 Information Security training and BS OHSAS 18001 training throughout 2014.

Developing or Revising Standards

With our ISO Certification services we can help you to design standards - whether specific standards aimed at solving an industry challenge, PAS standards to meet immediate market requirements.

Contributing to Standards Development

We can help you make a difference in the development of standards that affect you, as well as revision processes for already implemented standards within your industry.

Gain Resources About Various Standards

Our library is fully equipped with all resources for implementation of various standards. You can buy these resources for your organization or get soft copies through email.

How British Certification can help your business

At British Certification, we have a range of ISO Certification services aimed at meeting individual clients’ needs as far as best practices are concerned. Our aim is to create understanding of various standards and devise methodologies through which individual clients can sustainably comply with them for long-term success.

Our ISO Certification services will help you to run your organization more effectively and efficiently. You will also develop and maintain a standard of excellence that will reverberate throughout the organization. This is the only way you will be able to effectively increase performance efficiency and ensure sustainable change and growth over the long term.

You will not get many ISO Certification service providers who are as committed to your organization’s overall success as we are, and certainly not one who has been doing what we do for the time that we have been doing it. Using bespoke solutions, we will pick up your journey exactly where you are and help you to get to your goals simply and cost-effectively.

Training courses

Apart from systems implementation, with our ISO Certification services we can help you to embed best practices in your procedures through employee trainings. Through various modes of teaching, we can equip your staff with the practical ways of standard maintenance and operation. There are various courses depending on organizational size, training requirements and location.

Talk to us today and see what our ISO Certification services can do for you!


Why choose British Certification?

British Certification has been the trendsetter in ISO Certification for more than five years in Singapore and throughout the region. Getting ISO Certification and implementing your management systems with us will be a clear demonstration to all your competitors, clients, staff members, investors and suppliers that you are committed to excellence and will spare nothing to see it achieved.

Sustainability is our priority

At British Certification, we are not just about doing the barest minimum that will get you on the good side of the regulations; we seek to transform your organization into a hub of efficiency, productivity and profitability by following best industry practices and implementing sustainable solutions with our ISO Certification services.

When you sign up to work with us, you are trusting your organization to hands that are experienced and qualified, seeing as we are very key players in the development and revision of many international and national standards. Because of this, we are able to advise you not just on the letter of regulation but also on the spirit of it, so that solutions implementation is with a futuristic mindset.

Experience and expertise

Since we opened our doors to Singapore and the region more than five years ago, we have offered ISO Certification services to 10,000 clients, implementing a wide range of standards and solutions for their specific needs. We therefore have the expertise and experience to tailor every standard regulation and solution to the size and requirements of your organization. Drafting of international and national standards is in such a way as to be useful and implementable for organizations of all sizes and we are experts at doing exactly that.

Post implementation and certification care

Even after we have successfully helped you to implement a standards management system and you have achieved successful ISO Certification, you can rely on British Certification to provide regular support and maintenance of your systems to ensure you continue enjoying the full benefits of efficiency. We do this by regularly visiting your premises to assess procedures and practices, and provide consultancy and advisory services on any emerging challenges.

As your business grows, we will ensure that your management systems grow with you so that you do not have to invest another pretty sum a few years later when your capacity has grown beyond what the current system can bear.

Our comprehensive analysis report

On our visits pre- and post-ISO Certification, you will receive a full report stating the full extent of functionality of your systems, as well as any changes and improvements we think will help you to perform better. Through this report, you will have a basis to determine progress and efficiency, and even when we are not around, you will have something to refer to for small arising matters.

Revision of ISO standards

International standards are never static. This is because nothing about the world of business and the global economy remains still. With changes in technology, capability, market needs and other factors, there arises a need to examine existing standards to determine how best they fit in with the current state of affairs.

British Certification plays a significant role towards the revision of ISO Certification standards. Being the go-between in the middle of the standards organization and the enterprises in the various industries, we understand both sides of the equation and provide key insights that are invaluable to the revision process.

As an industry participant affected by any standard passed, you can contribute to standards revision processes in various ways. Do not sit back and allow others to dictate what happens to you when you have a chance to effect change. Take a proactive role in the revision processes for ISO Certification regulations that affect the working of your industry.

Throughout the revision process, our experts at British Certification can also provide useful insights into the development process, where the regulations are heading and how compliant organizations can improve their systems in order to reflect any changes made to the ISO Certification standards. This way, you can stay ahead of your competitors every time. Contact us today to play your part.


Working for British Certification, and ISO Certification service provider will greatly open your mind as you interact with players from all the industries available in the region. Not only can you expect the extent of your experience and qualifications to be greatly increased, you will have transformation of your mindset by daily interaction with more experienced individuals from a variety of fields.

Since we started offering ISO Certification services over five years ago, we have greatly increased our range of services, and we believe that there is a place for professionals from various fields within our ranks. You will be actively involved in any of our various ISO Certification services depending on where your interests and qualifications align:

  • Development and revision of international and national standards, and creation of private industry-specific standards
  • Assessment of client management systems, and advisory on implementation of complaint systems
  • Product and service testing and certification
  • Delivery of training courses and software solutions aligned to different ISO Certification standards

At British Certification, we believe that the best way to grow an organization is by investing in the growth of its staff members. We provide various opportunities through which our employees can increase their expertise in their chosen fields of operation.

We believe in getting the best given our field of operation and because we only offer the best to our clients, we want people who:

  • Deliver superior service and performance on challenging tasks
  • Take initiative and work well within team settings
  • Are charismatic and show passion for what they do
  • Have the highest level of integrity and business ethics

We will ask you to work hard, but in return you can expect attractive remuneration packages.

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